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Armed with a solid background in News, Financial and Business Journalism, Jithendra Antonio has years of experience in the Sri Lanka’s Media and Public Relations industry and experience of delivering proactive public relations campaigns in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Jithendra brings his wealth of experience and strong track record of success in Financial & Business Journalism, Business Analysis and Public Relations prior to his career in Marketing and Direct Sales experience in Information Technology Services sector and Internet Broadband Services.

His personal experience includes work for Financial Times of The Daily Mirror (www.dailymirror.lk) , The Bottom Line (www.nation.lk) , Mirror Business and a number of print media and digital media organizations such as The Asian Tribune (www.asiantribune.com), The Lanka Business News (www.lankabusinessnews.com), apart from his former experience in telecommunications industry.

Currently he contributes in an Editorial capacity to Sri Lanka Business Online (www.slbo.lk/ www.srilankabusinessonline.com) and also to Lanka Business Today (www.lbt.lk/ www.lankabusinesstoday.com) - an electronic media platform owned by Sri Lanka's Global Media Networks Ltd.

He has completed the Associate Degree in Banking and Finance Management and completed his primary education at Maris Stella College, in Negombo and secondary education at St. Peter’s College, in Colombo.

Subsequently he has also undergone professional training in Geographical Information Systems and Design along with a Diploma in Strategic Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour.

Jithendra's primary focus is on messaging and corporate positioning as well as the strategic integration of clients' reputation management and brand building activities and to deliver public relations campaigns that give out real and measurable return on investment. 

Jithendra has a passion in supporting and advising business entities and conglomerates who find themselves under the media spotlight in the Sri Lankan Media Sphere.

He intends to deliver advisory on combining strategic and tactical communications with power of public relation tools for investment facilitation through integrating public and private partnerships.

Jithendra’s driving ambition is to take Sri Lanka’s investment banking industry to its next level by integrating the power tools of public relations and media.

Sri Lanka Land Like No Other! I Love My Country! I Love My Nation! I Love My Religion! I Love My Family! I Love My Social Circles! I Love My Work! I Love My Dreams! I Love My Ultimate The Dream! And I Love the Drizzling Rain! - Jithendra Antonio

The Beginning...(Only a Small Episode of the Story)

Born on a year in which the world experienced one of its greatest financial crises ever at a time when Sri Lanka's financial industry underwent a major change with the establishment of a formal capital market, capital market regulator and liberalization of the insurance industry with a new wave of free economic policies that came in to being. It was the day of which Romulus and Remus founded the Rome in 753 B.C. and Queen Elizabeth II was also born but at a time in between the time when Sun was moving from Aries to Taurus; Jithendra Antonio was born. 

Jithendra Antonio is another left hander, was never a great fish fan nor a Sea food fan but learned about 'Basics of Business' since 13 during school holidays by writing 'Gas bills' for customers and looking inside the lives of Sea creatures in the Ornamental fish tanks that had Tesselata Eels, 'Nemos' (Clown Fish), Baby Sharks and perhaps a few Arowanas but took more than a decade to learn at least a few Scientific Names of them and identify similar Sea creatures by their names.

Nourishing under a Missionary School of Saint Marcellin Champagnat's followers, and then at St.Peter's Colombo Jithendra's first business was selling a 'Lockable Desk Space' of his school table when he was sixteen for Rs.10 per week for the students who wanted to take only a few books to home leaving extra books at school.He only succeeded with a minimum 3-5 customers but made pocket money to buy school stationary and perhaps bought 'Dimbul Kudu' (Minced Wood Apple Pickle) and shared with friends sometimes.

But his first business - marketing sale was a fish tank for Rs.15,000 in 2005 for his Uncle's company at a home and decor exhibition and he was still a school boy at the time. In his professional career in the beginning he badly wanted to work for one of the then largest two mobile telcos in Sri Lanka for 'A somewhat A Different Reason' but landed in Sri Lanka's first internet service provider's company as a Business Development Executive. He was initially a marketer of a Computer maintenance service, Web Site Advertising Space, Internet Leased Lines, Email Servers, Mobile Telephone service products and an Online Tendering subscription and software.

Jithendra found his 'Nemo' when he returned from Maldives after a marketing campaign for a coming up Sri Lankan real estate condo while he was an university student aspiring to pursue a career in Architecture in United States that was later changed in to a Banking & Finance Major at a time when United States hit the World Financial Crisis in 2008.And Jithendra wanted be at his home country. The 'Nemo' he found was blogging and soon became a freedom expressing individual on cyberspace with over 120 blogs but accidently became a financial journalist when he applied for a 'Web Journalist vacancy in a prestigious daily printed newspaper in Sri Lanka - The Daily Mirror Financial Times.

Jithendra Antonio has a passion for Investigative Journalism!

In a short time Jit made a name for himself among newspaper industry as a controversial writer who exposed 'financial scandals' in 20 million populace island nation, Sri Lanka. Later added his writings to The Bottomline of The Nation (www.nation.lk) , The Asian Tribune (www.asiantribune.com), The Lanka Business News (www.lankabusinessnews.com), Randiva Newspaper and The Mirror Bussines of The Daily Mirror (www.dailymirror.lk).

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